Webcam Brilon  




Heavy-duty version, for grain sizes from 0-40 mm, or 50 mm
Downpipe samplers are used as samplers for vertical pipe systems up to DN400.

The device is designed in such a way that the sampling chute covers the entire material cross-section. The sampling frequency is controlled by time relays or a PLC. The housing of the sampler is made of sheet steel as a stable welded construction. The chute, which is driven by a worm gear motor, has radial and axial roller bearings. An inductive proximity switch is installed in the housing, which positions the chute in zero position outside the material flow. The housing and the chute can be made of either mild steel or stainless steel, the drive power is determined as required.

The advantages

  •     Gentle sampling of the sample, no mechanical stress on the bulk material, no heating
  •     Recording of the total falling stream, thus
  •     Representative cross-sectional samples.
  •     Fully automatable
  •     durable and robust
  •     Special designs possible


A powerful electric geared motor swivels the discharge chute horizontally through the downflow. The portion falling into this chute falls as a representative sample from the ejection nozzle.

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