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Sampling and quality control

While representative sampling (by hand) itself is already difficult enough, the mechanized sampling (for installation) is a great challenge for operators and users - especially with heterogeneous solids, which often do not behave as expected.

Each process and product is unique and the influencing factors of the process vary widely. Many vendors are trying to take part in this area of business and offer their products - but which is the right one for the application and meets the requirements?

Here, we have the right expertise: almost 20 years of experience in the field of bulk materials and process industries - we have developed countless innovations and application-specific solutions. Our product portfolio is the result of these experiences. We manufacture and market proven sampling systems, which we develop and market under the brand GMP SAMPLING. Many companies worldwide already benefit from our solutions together with our application experience.

But we also do not know everything - and that is what we tell you. Let us develop a solution together with what you know and what we know. Do You Have Questions? Please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.us. Or vistit our Shop www.gmp-sampling.com.

„The prevention of accidents must not be understood as a provision of the law, but as a commandment of human obligation and economic reason".
Werner von Siemens / Berlin im Jahr 1880

Earthing as an important component of preventive explosion protection

In many branches of the process industry, flammable and explosive substances are produced, processed or used as auxiliary materials. These include flammable vapours, gases, aerosols, dusts and mixtures thereof. These substances, together with the oxygen in the air, can form an explosive atmosphere and thus explode.

An explosion may happen if an ignition source occurs.

Within the scope of preventive explosion protection, the protective measure "Avoiding effective ignition sources" takes a primary position. On the one hand, it is used as an accompanying measure in combination with other measures of preventive and in particular constructive explosion protection. Even if a system is protected, for example, by explosion pressure relief or suppression, great attention is paid to avoiding effective ignition sources for reasons of system availability. On the other hand, avoiding ignition sources is the most important protective measure for most "open" emptying, filling and decanting operations of flammable liquids or bulk materials.

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